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Professionl Negligence – Been let down by a property expert?

property negligence

Been Let Down is a professional negligence solicitors in the North West of England expert and we feature their article on here. There are many professions which specialise in the property industry. The main professionals are Architects, surveyors, solicitors and builders. If you instruct one of these professionals to do something related to property, they will owe you a professional and contractual duty of care.

They will have a requirement to ensure that they perform their service to a standard that you would expect from that of their peers in the same field of expertise, unfortunately from time to time serious property negligence does occur. If you consider that the standard has fallen below what you would have expected and this has resulted in financial loss, then our solicitors may be able to assist you to pursue a negligence claim.
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Architect & Property negligence

Architects are highly skilled construction professionals, they provide advice relating to the design or alteration of a buildings. They will prepare drawings, provide cost estimates with the supervision of a quantity surveyor and enter into a contract to supervise and manage a building project.

If the architect designed the building and that building work is undertaken by a building contractor, the architect may be responsible for the works being acceptable in accordance with the standard building regulations and architect plans.

Like all professional people an Architect must act with reasonable skill, care and diligence to be expected of an ordinary competent and skilled member in his/her profession. Standard of care is usually established by reference to the general practice of the profession in question.

In most building projects there will be a contract between yourself and the architect which will set out the duties and responsibilities of both parties. It will also impose certain obligations and professional standards.

Have you been let down by an Architect?

Errors and/or omissions can and will occur and architect negligence claims are more common than you think. When problems do occur they can have serious consequences to the purpose of the building design or structure. The financial implications to remedy the defect may be significant. If you consider your Architect has been negligent in the supervision, management or design of your building project and you have suffered a financial loss you may have a negligence claim for damages.


What to Expect from Professional Negligence Solicitors?

Symbol of law and justice in the library, law and justice concept

The reality is that looking for a lawyer for professional negligence should not be hard because there are great professional negligence solicitors all over the place. For those who want to use a competent service, this would ask for effort of course. How is claiming even possible? What should claimants be knowledgeable about? There are various ways for this to be done. However, succeeding in it will not be possible without the presence of a professional. What can you expect from  the professional once you have hired one though?

What will professionals do for you?

As said, professionals are in-charge in processing the claims, how will this start? They will work on behalf of their client so that the claim may be set out. This should be done in such a way they are provided supporting documentation. They will need this so cooperation is a must. The letter sent should be acknowledged by the other end though. The people involved will be responsible in here. The respond must happen promptly of course. There should be a comprehensive response provided and this must occur after a couple of months, actually, the limit is four months. That is the maximum.

Needless to say, a meaningful response must occur here. This is when the professional will take place in disputing the claim. However, if the formal response they have do not reflect any of the private views there are, it will only go to show that it can still be an amicable resolution. This is when a commercial negotiation can be made possible instead.

The main objective here is to recover and retrieve whatever some of money is intended to. This is perceived to be enough as a contribution for the suffering person who losses financially. When it comes to these occasions, the advise is for the claim to be valued. This goes with its strength. There is a level of compromise in this as well. All of these should be appropriate enough.

There are occasions when the objectives are said to be really sophisticated. For those who have multiple claims to pursue, the claims can be grouped. This is possible most especially if the claim is only meant for a single professional alone. The idea is for the right result to be achieved though. The aim is to comprehend what the result really means. This should be the case most especially in the most practical terms.

Settling is rare. It may be seen attractive but again, it seldom happens. It depends upon the situation. This is the time when the professional is motivated to just look for settlements. There is a true consequence when it comes to settlement. What are the inclusions? One is the court proceedings commencement. Second, is the claim profression. Legal costs are also of liability. The steps are meant to be justified in case there is additional explanation and evidence. These should all be addressed. The experience of the person advising here is really significant.

Believe me! You can Cut Your Tax Bills


Every individual living in this country and earning a certain amount of money is bound to pay taxes. Like it or not, its a legal binding. In fact none of the states can operate without taxing its citizen. The money that we pay in terms of taxes is used by the state for running critical operations. There are several kind of taxes like,

  • Inheritance Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Corporation Tax


Income tax is the most common kind of tax and people from usually are taxed according to their annual income. The income tax is collected federally however there are some taxes like property tax which is collected by local tax imposing authority.

Growing Tax Liabilities

The worst thing in taxes is its growing nature. As a reference consider property tax which is levied upon the current market value of the property. Here the term, “property” is referring towards all kind of movable and immovable properties. We all know that the value of land usually never falls down usually. Thus the total taxable liability keeps increasing year by year. In addition to this, a the possibility of having the rates of personnel taxes revised also remains intact. Know this is something really troublesome.

If There is Anything that Exists like Tax Relief?

Yes! luckily the laws through which entire of the taxation system governed is quite a flexible one. It have certain flaws and loopholes that we can use to gain some extra mileage. In capacity of a legal expert I can assure you the existence of such clauses. Not only is this, but the government itself is willing to provide substantial relief to those who really deserve. So, it is a matter of awareness only. Anyone can find some ways to claim his or her share. Each year thousands of Britisher`s secure millions of pounds in terms of tax relief.

Some Common Examples

Having said all this let me provide you with some examples now. Following are only a few such examples. Believe me, there are many others as well. What you need is to have a good understanding towards tax related matters. Understanding and even reading entire law is not possible for commoners, I agree. However, you can always go for a legal expert for significant savings.

  • Claim your money back that you spent while traveling for work
  • Being married is always beneficial as there is a Married Couple`s allowance
  • You can gain certain relief if you are a continuing student
  • Having disable children entitled you for tax relief
  • Getting married is a good way to move ahead with life and with tax savings as well

You can always find out more by visiting this link,

Reasons for getting legal advice when getting a house

Getting a house or another sort of property is amongst the biggest transactions the majority of people is ever going to do. A good tiny error within this transaction could cost you a lot way in the long

For almost all folks, every one of the legal traps that accompanies buying property is much beyond them. That is why you need to get legal services in order to avoid significant errors that you just will regret.

You will recognize that a true estate lawyer will assist you to in several ways. Before you put your John Hancock on it to ensure that there is nothing out of place, they can scrutinize the contract.

Your attorney also can examine all of the other critical paperwork that may be involved in this particular process, much like any documents concerning finance, property insurance, as well as other papers that must be assessed. You can be assured that no niggling mistake will be overlooked caused by a poor performance.

Generally they can change the phrasing of your purchase contract if needed, although it varies based by lawyer. If they find that it is in breach of state legal policy, also, they will cancel a contract. If there are any other hidden expenses or issues that need to be resolved before the place is settled, also, they will find out.

Naturally, working with a lawyer is a costly business.

More importantly, it will be far less stressful than if you didn’t have one, even though having them on your side will make the whole process flow much quicker. You will recognize that there is sufficient think of without getting concerned because of the legalities at the same time.

Some will quote you a total amount at the beginning, even though the cost will depend on a number of things. Be sure to determine what they can be charging for so you know what you pay for.